Welcome to my writing blog! My name is Brian Palmer, and I’m a novelist repped by Laura Crockett of Triada US Literary Agency.I’m a former freelance writer, current critique partner, junkie for the written word (as long as it’s written well!), 2015 Pitch Wars finalist, and a mentor for Pitch Wars 2016! I’ve interned with publishers and now work for Wipf and Stock Publishers. I’ll be posting updates about my various works in progress, milestones I hit along the way, and thoughts on writing, publishing, and the literary world in general. So pull up a laptop, get comfy, drop me a line in the comments section, or feel free to share your thoughts when I post here. I hope to do reviews of books from time to time, and interview authors as time and occasion call for such things. In the meantime, let’s start a fun conversation and trip the write fantastic together!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow. Learning about your journey has been awesome. I am about to take place in my first pitch war and find it terrifying! It is a true gift to hear of a success story and gives me hope that sometimes they pay off! Congrats on your success! I hope the entire journey is filled with the joy of getting that first bite!


    • Thanks for dropping by, Tammy! I am happy to hear you are about to start putting your work out there, and I wish you nothing but the best. And keep at it, no matter what happens. It took me years to finally find an agent match, so if it doesn’t happen for you right away, keep your head up!


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