Pitch Wars Post #9 – The Wrap-Up Edition! (Or, My Experiment in Finding out how Many Times I can Say Wow in One Post)


That might be the only applicable word for describing the entire Pitch Wars experience.

Brenda Drake? The woman behind Pitch Wars? Wow.

Holly Faur? The mentor who swooped in and wanted to work with me on A Silence Worth Breaking? Wow.

The willingness of Lynnette Labelle and Brighton Walsh (I’m still not sorry my synopsis made you cry! :D) to scream from the mountaintops during the selection phase until Holly came along because they were so eager for my novel to find a “home?” Wow.

Each and every one of the finalists who were selected? Wow.

The things I have learned about the craft of writing and how they are already helping me write my next novel even better? Wow.

The support I have received from the entire Pitch Wars community–this year’s participants and mentors, as well as anyone who has participated and/or mentored in previous years–these past three months? Wow.

And finally, last week’s agent round? Wow.

As I write this, the agent round has been over for a week and it has been quite the emotional roller coaster for many of us. Some people didn’t receive any requests in the agent round, while two or three received over 20 requests of some sort from agents. TWENTY-PLUS REQUESTS! Holy smokes! Talk about doing something right, eh? I received six requests from agents–five fulls, and one partial, which has been upgraded to a full in the last couple days–and I am ecstatic! I believed I would get one request, but expected to top out at two, or three if everything went really well. So to have six bona fide agents express an interest in my story blows my mind.

Again, wow.

The passion these people have for writing? Wow.

Everyone’s willingness to cheer each other on through the highs and lows of writing, revising, killing our darlings, birthing new ones, banging our heads against the desk in frustration, or celebrating victories of any size for any reason? Wow.

The agents who proved so willing to give of their time to even give us and our work the time of day? Wow.

This has truly proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and regardless of whether or not I end up finding representation from any of these six agents, I know I will find representation somewhere, somehow, because Pitch Wars has made my novel so much better than it was when this all began.

Pitch Wars, as an experience, has exceeded my expectations and wildest dreams by a mile, and I will be one of its biggest proponents for the rest of my life.




5 thoughts on “Pitch Wars Post #9 – The Wrap-Up Edition! (Or, My Experiment in Finding out how Many Times I can Say Wow in One Post)

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