Pitch Wars Post #7 – The Agent Round is just Around the Corner!

I can’t believe it’s almost here. We mentees have been talking about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it, dreading it, and otherwise stewing over it in one fashion or another since we submitted our entries to Pitch Wars back in the middle of August (and for those who knew about Pitch Wars prior to this, significantly longer!). Yes, I’m talking about the Agent Round.

November 3-5 is when the fabled event will take place, and by this time next week each of the mentees will know whether any of the dozens of participating agents would like to see more of their work or not. Fingernails are being chewed on. Chocolate is being inhaled. Wine (or Writer’s Tears Whiskey, if that’s your speed) is being imbibed. All manner of internal and external emotional chaos is being let loose by the minute among the mentees. Will anyone want to see more of our work? Could one of these agents be The One? What happens if no one makes any requests? The questions, wondering, and emotional roller coaster ride go on and on and on.

But this is part of what we signed up for, so it’s all good. This year’s Pitch Wars finalists have bonded and commiserated, and the community of people we connected with during the submission period in the month or so leading up to when the finalists were selected was priceless. I have met scores of wonderful people who are in the same boat as me–they write because they love it, they have to do it, and they hope to get agented and published some day, even if that day is not today.

That’s one of the risks here: I could get zero requests for materials. I knew this going in, but I wanted to try anyway because if nothing else, I have a much stronger manuscript now than I did when I submitted two and a half months ago, and that’s nothing to be upset about. I know I might find an agent here, or I might find one outside of Pitch Wars once I start querying other agents starting on November 6th. You have no idea what’s going to happen, so you have to plan for the what ifs. So many people from previous Pitch Wars contests have received no interest during the Agent Round, only to land an agent within a matter of weeks or months outside of Pitch Wars, and people have received significant attention during the Agent Round only to end up with no representation in the end. It’s a total crap shoot.

But that’s what we signed up for: a chance to have the agents come to us for once rather than the other way around, and see what happens. That’s all you can ask. It’s exciting, terrifying, and thrilling, and that’s why the majority of us mentees are waiting with bated breath for November 3 so the fun can begin.

Are you ready?


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