Pitch Wars Post #5 – Finished at Last (Or, My Love Letter to Pitch Wars and Everyone Associated with it)

As I begin typing this, my excerpt and first 250 words are winding their way through cyberspace and headed for my mentor’s inbox. I can’t believe how simultaneously short and long the past eight weeks have been, and how much better my novel is now than it was (and I had already felt it was the best work  I had ever done when Pitch Wars began in mid-August). I am so excited, and not just for the agent round.

I have found a great little writing community via Pitch Wars, and that is priceless. I have had the privilege of working with an out-of-this-world mentor, Holly Faur, and cannot say enough good things about her insights, creative streak, and ability to show me how to see portions of my novel from perspectives I didn’t even know existed. I have a novel that is absolutely ready to go out for querying next week. In short, Pitch Wars has been everything I hoped it would be, and then some. 

This is not the end–there is still the agent round next week, and extra agent research to do because there’s no guarantee any of the agents in Pitch Wars will be interested in my work–but as of right now, I am happy with how things are going, and content with how things have worked out. If nothing comes of the agent round, I can honestly say I will not feel upset about it because Pitch Wars is not an all-or-nothing proposition. I have Holly to thank for that, all my fellow mentees, all the mentors I’ve connected with, and especially Brenda Drake, who concocted this wild idea several years ago and has turned Pitch Wars into quite the big deal. You all have helped me–and are helping me–in so many ways that I’ve lost track. Thanks a bazillion!

Onward and upward!

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