Pitch Wars Post #4 – Fifty Words or Bust!

Good grief is it difficult to write a catchy pitch! I mean I thought I had it mostly figured out early on in Pitch Wars, but once it actually came time to nail down those 50 or so words, I discovered how wrong I was.

How wrong? Put it to you this way, if you’ve ever seen Wonder Boys and recall the scene where Michael Douglas’s pot-addled writer is sitting down for his latest writing session on his 2,611-page neverending opus of a story, and he comments on how the ending “kept getting further away. But the ending was there, I knew it. I could almost see it,” then you have some sense of where I’ve been for the past week or two (minus the pot). The content needed for the pitch has been there, mostly, I just haven’t been able to string it together quite right for whatever reason. Hopefully that’s all about to change though.

At the time of this writing, I have emailed my mentor, Holly, a new suggested pitch that I believe finally hits the mark, but since she’s a few hours ahead of me she won’t see it until the morning. If she likes this, then I’ll be done several days ahead of the deadline (all materials need to be turned in by this Saturday), and I can work on trying to encourage and assist the other mentees who are still working on their pitches, first pages, etc. I’ve been able to help a little, and others have been able to help me out, so this whole things has been a fantastic blessing. I’d like to be able to help more as some of my fellow finalists come down to the wire with this deadline.

I need to figure out a way to fall asleep with my fingers crossed…

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