Pitch Wars Post #2 – The First Revision is Complete!

Okay, so actually I completed my first revision and submitted it to my mentor late last week, but I haven’t been able to write about it until now because I’ve spent most of my time looking and feeling like this. giphy (3) 

With a dash of this thrown in for good measure. giphy (4)

But now I’ve had a few days to reboot and stop my brainwaves from flatlining and I’m…well, trying not to look anxiously at my inbox every other minute, hoping that my mentor will get back to me with her thoughts. We all know how productive THAT is! Dont Freak Out

Instead, I’m working on coming up with prospective agents to query because while my hope is to find an agent in next month’s Agent Round (which is less than a month away now!!!). Excitement)

Also, I’m working on my 50-word (or less) pitch, and making sure my query is up to snuff.

Sorry for the brevity, but that’s where things are at right now. I’ll keep posting as things happen, but (obviously) it will probably be here and there rather than daily. I’ll probably be posting daily by the end of the month though as my nerves explode like a firework in a cake.

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