Pitch Wars Post #1

Wow, I really thought I would post about my Pitch Wars experience much sooner than this. Sorry for anyone who’s been waiting and wondering. Some thoughts:

–My mentor, Holly Faur, is a flippin’ genius! Not only is she helping me correct errors and habits I didn’t even notice, she’s also showing me how to give scenes extra punch.
–On a related note, the ideas she has given me have led to my coming up with other ideas on my own for added scenes, character beats, etc.
–Including today, when I had an “A-ha!” moment related to the climax and the ending which is going to make those areas even stronger.
–It is difficult to kill your darlings, but a number of the movie and pop culture references I make (to an excessive degree, admittedly) have had to go, and my story’s better for it.
–As every writer and writing teacher under the sun will tell you: Less is more.
–Holly is encouraging without sugarcoating facts–if something doesn’t work, she lets you know and tells you why–and is forever cheering me on whether my emails and tweets to her are full of confidence or frustration, but my fellow mentees are also an outstanding support system. I was commenting on Twitter yesterday about how on the mentees’ private FB group it’s become something of an Encouragement Food Fight in there.

Oh, and I finally figured out who my female protagonist looks like, which has been really helpful!

The first few weeks of this process have been enormously illuminating and fun. I’m aiming to get my first full-on revision done and off to Holly by October 1st, so we’ll see if I can make it!

6 thoughts on “Pitch Wars Post #1

  1. Sounds like your experience so far is a positive one. I hope great things come out of it. One question. The private mentee fb page sounds really interesting. Any reason why it’s private? Perhaps the dregs would benefit from the conversations as well.


    • Hi Cindy! Yes, it has been great so far. A lot of work, which I expected, but very worth it. And I think the group is private because it was an invite-only sort of deal set up specifically for this year’s mentees.


      • Hi Brian,
        Thanks. Can’t wait to see what happens. Still confused why it’s private. Wouldn’t lots of people benefit from the knowledge? Just trying to understand the secrecy.


      • Hi Cindy!

        I don’t know all the reasons behind why it’s private. Maybe they just felt it should be a place for the mentees to commiserate, band together, blow off steam, etc. as we go through the revision process.


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