My Novel has made it to the Next Round of Pitch Wars!

Okay, so a big thing happened the other day–my latest novel was selected as a finalist for Pitch Wars! What does this mean?

First, out of the almost 1,600 entrants in the contest, my novel was one of 125 selected.

Second, I get to spend the next two months with a mentor–Holly Faur, who is an agented writer!–working like crazy on making my novel, synopsis, and query letter shine because…

Third, dozens of agents have agreed to look at all the entrants’ work at the end of this period of time, and who knows but that one of these people might end up being “The One?”

Other cool things which have resulted from this experience so far:
–One of the prospective mentors I initially submitted to told me my synopsis made her cry. The synopsis. As in, the part that is often the most boring and difficult to write simply because it involves the facts with none of the emotion, etc. So that was gratifying (Sorry, Brighton! #SorryNotSorry).
–I have made a lot of great friends in the writing community these past few weeks as the submission period has gone on, which is something I have been lacking for ages outside of a couple people.
–Holly is already showing me a number of ways we can make this novel better, and I’m excited to jump in and get to it, rather than being petrified by the prospect of hacking and slashing and having to remake my baby here. This is growth on my part, BELIEVE ME!

Anyhow, for those of you who were fellow Pitch Wars entrants, thanks for being there so far, even if you didn’t get selected by a mentor. If you are reading this and still have no idea what Pitch Wars is or why this is a big deal, check out my Pitch Wars Bio blog post.

I will try to keep people posted on the goings on from my end over the next two months. I’ve taken care of what freelancing I can in advance so I can have nothing but this novel to work on for the next two months, so we’ll see what happens!

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