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Woohoo! I’m finally doing a PitchWars Bio! What is PitchWars, you might ask? Check here for details! Special thanks go out to @BrendaDrake for putting on such a kick-ass competition/writing community-building experience!

But a bit about me. If you’re new here, I’m Brian (@Brian_C_Palmer), and I love to write. giphy (1)

Here are some things you might not know.

In terms of writing:
–I wrote my first short story at 15 and have loved writing fiction ever since.
–I majored in English and had an emphasis in creative writing.
–This is my first PitchWars and am loving the h-e-double hockey sticks out of it! (I don’t have an aversion to saying hell, by the way, I just picked up that phrase in high school and it’s never really left my language arsenal because I think it’s amusing!)
–The novel I am pitching, Silence Worth Breaking, is my sixth completed manuscript.
–I’m currently working on my next project while I wait to see if I get selected by one of the PitchWars mentors! giphy

Some of my fave books:
Ha Jin To Kill a Mockingbird The Maze Runner Robin Parrish Harry Potter Wonder Boys Sky Blue

Some of my fave movies:
Cutting Edge Serenity Usual Suspects Dark Knight Inception Whiplash Shawshank Demolition Man

The music I tend to listen to while writing:
Road 51IDP+TUWmL._AA160_ 61E0acWqoOL._AA160_ 519++m3d62L._AA160_ BT Bt2 BT3 HP^ HP7 HPFinal

A handful of my fave TV shows:
Burn_Notice_logo.svg 220px-Chuck_2007_logo_2.svg 250px-Fringe_intertitle Lost_main_title.svg

Other facts:
–I’ve lived in three states and visited eight countries.
–I won school book reading contests in second through fourth grades, and was crushed when I didn’t win in fifth grade.
–I went parasailing once. It was awesome!
–I have to suck in air to whistle; I’ve never been able to get the hang of real whistling.
–And finally, if you don’t know that Chuck is the greatest TV show in the history of ever…well, it is, and now you know. giphy (2)

Be sure to check out all the other bios that are up on the blogosphere at: http://christopherkeelty.com/pitchwars-2015-pimpmybio-contestant-blog-hop/

8 thoughts on “PitchWars Bio

  1. Hi Brian … I enjoyed your bio and, as you have a great fondness for Chuck, if you haven’t seen Zachary Levi’s interview on the Kevin Pollack web show I think you would enjoy it. Understatement. Random question – I see you like the novel Wonder Boys and I’m curious to know if you are a fan of the film. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched it. Good luck with pitchwars and all your writing endeavors.


    • Hi Joon!

      Thanks for dropping by the blog, and woohoo for being a Chuck fan! I’ll have to give that interview a look! If I had TV I’d probably check out his Geeks who Drink show (or whatever the name is!), not to mention this whole Heroes reboot he’s starring in this fall.

      And yes, I am a big fan of the Wonder Boys film. I haven’t watched it in quite some time, but I’d say I’ve probably watched it a couple dozen times, so I’m with you there!

      Thanks for the kind words re: Pitch Wars and writing in general. Did you enter as well?



  2. Hi Brian … yes, I entered pitchwars. it’s a first for me. we lived in eugene 1995-99. small world. are you a lifelong Oregonian? i realize i mistyped Kevin Pollak’s last name. i think i have Sydney Pollack on the brain. i love him. do you have any Chuck wear? we found a t-shirt at the thrift store years ago that says: STAY IN THE CAR. my daughter, scout, (yes, from TKAM) wears it all the time. now i need to watch wonder boys – and tootsie again.

    nice to meet you!



    • I was more sad than ticked. But the fact that it was on for five seasons is great comfort, especially because it it had been on any other network than NBC it probably would have died after the third season, tops, just because it wasn’t a ratings giant. Having said that, Chuck fans are the best, so I agree that we’d likely be in good company! šŸ˜€ And thanks; congrats to you as well!


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